Сервер с хорошими игроками по еу4


Сам сервер европейский поэтому люди говорят в основном на английском, но я думал все равно будет интересно, если кто-то хочет играть с людьми мультиплеер и не сильно напригаться. Правила адекватные и люди могут стать хостом и делать собственные игры тоже.

EU4 Grand Server is in development (Staff needed for now! Check it out.)

Posting in case you are interested!

Hello, guys, I am building a new EU4 discord server where people will be able to freely play EU4 multiplayer games and avoid cancer. As you know random EU4 multiplayer is really toxic and laggy so I created this server for people who want to play more stable games with also some rules to make it more fair for all players in the game (like attacking player who is at war with other player is not allowed and other stuff)

New EU4 server I started working on based on the server Grand Strategium which died around a half year ago, I decided to compute some mistakes I've made with the last server and now I am organizing a new discord server for EU4 games with more liberal rules and its own thematic. I'll be working on the design of the server and future games of EU4. Also, there will be heavy retributions towards trolls or toxic people on the server with heavy bannhamer towards people ruining games or breaking rules on purpose.
Please join if you want to support this multiplayer server! I am planning to search for staff to host games, around 10 people will be the coup.
If asking why we need another eu4 multiplayer server is because I feel like there is still possibilities to improvement on EU4 Multiplayer directly, although there are other servers I think there should be more precise rules to make the game more interesting, also I always wanted people to be able to organize games quite easily so instead I decided there should be automatic roles for people who join games for the server so they get notified and more interesting ranked system for people who play multiplayer games on server. Anyway, I am planning to release new stuff shortly, so for now just wait. Basically, I want the EU4 server with players being able to host multiple multiplayer games with ease, as well being able to sign up to them and people getting notified about their multiplayer game starting, and consistent multiplayer schedule. Hope you enjoy it!

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