Релиз 2.02 [чексумма 5e2f]

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Всем привет.

После нескольких недель разработки и тестирования, в том числе и на основе ваших отзывов, я счастлив сказать, что 2.02 выходит из беты и будет доставлен всем с помощью обновления в steam. Использующие лаунчер от Paradox получат апдейт на следующей неделе.

Мы исправили кучу багов и долго правили баланс, как вы можете увидеть в патчноуте ниже. После недели тестов, я чувствую, что сборка достаточно прочная, и её можно выкатить на общественный суд. Мы, разумеется, будем ждать ваших отзывов.

######################### VERSION 2.0.2 ##########################

# Feature
* Fixed Gestalt Consciousness empires using Trading Hub starbase module and Offworld Trading Company starbase building, they now use Resource Reprocessor and External Acquisitions Area (name/flavor difference only)
* It is now possible to test-fire world cracker on habitable (but uninhabited) planets in your space
* Added tier 5 Dark Matter thrusters that can only be gained by scavenging Fallen Empire ships
* Transcendent Learning ascension perk has been added to the game, and it increases leader level cap and empire leader cap
* Megastructures resources are now affected by country modifiers
* Ship sizes now have a default combat behavior and will prefer computers of that type if auto-generated (Picket for Destroyers, etc)
* Added some more logic for making sure ship auto-complete doesn't switch your desired combat role
* Space stations now use the country_mult modifier instead of the tile_mult modifier and no longer get the tile_add modifier
* When a new ruler is elected, the previous ruler that was elected out of office (if alive) will now attempt to take over the job that was opened up by the newly elected ruler, assuming the leader class matches. Back to the mines, Mr. Ex-President.
* Occupation no longer contributes to War Exhaustion, but instead is displayed as a separate factor in war overview, to make it clearer what you need to do in order to enforce demands
* War Overview no longer attempts to calculate a winner in battles, but simply displays war exhaustion gained by each side
* Marauder raiding fleets are now neutral to everyone except their intended target
* Added event that lets countries with a Chosen One become a Divine Empire
* Adjusted fleet formations so that titans try to position themselves more in the middle of a fleet and avoid face-tanking the enemy
* Grasp the Void ascension perk has been added to the game. It increases starbase capacity by +4
* Increased max starbase capacity to 100
* Ether Drake Hatchling and Psionic Avatar can no longer be merged into other fleets or assigned leaders
* Assist Research is no longer researched by technology, and is instead unlocked by a tradition
* Implemented scriptable starbase building and module AI with first pass scripting
* Forcing an empire to adopt your ideology will now also pull them out of any Federation they are part of, and revoke all their claims on you and your Federation allies and subjects
* Added two new mid-game society techs, one for Hive Minds and one for Machine Empires, that substantially boost resource production
* Reworked difficulty modes completely. The new difficulty modes are:
Ensign: AI has virtually no advantages or cheats (no economic, military or research benefits at all, only very minor advantages such as cheaper gene-modding)
Captain: AI gets small economic/research/naval capacity advantages
Commodore: AI gets moderate economic/research/naval capacity advantages
Admiral: AI gets major economic/research/naval capacity advantages
Grand Admiral: AI gets massive economic/research/naval capacity advantages
Scaling: AI gets economic/research/naval capacity advantages that start at zero and scale up over time, reaching max at the End-Game Start Year
* Pops that are being exterminated or processed into food/energy can no longer work on Replicator buildings
* You can now trade for Food as well as use it to trade for Minerals and Energy with Trader Enclaves
* The Plunder wargoal now reduces enemy Mineral/Energy production instead of being identical to humiliate
* Plunder victory now gives minerals and energy relative to the number of enemy planets (between 500 and 2500)
* Updated war progress meter with a colour-coded indicator of your enemy's willingness to surrender, to help distinguish it from their war exhaustion
* When declaring war, your relevant claims are now listed in the war goals screen, except for total wars which ignore claims
* Pop abduction now prioritizes abducting pops to core worlds before sector worlds
* The Colossus/Stop Colossus CB no longer invalidate all other CBs, and are now explicitly based on having a Colossus rather than just the tech to build one
* FTL inhibitors now have different frames (regular, dark red, green) depending on whether their owners are hostile or allied to you, which should make it more immediately apparent when a FTL inhibitor in a system is actually blocking your progress
* When ordering a ship to move to a system, the ship will now automatically enter orbit of the star instead of just idling near it
* Added new events with positive effects that sometimes trigger if you neighbor Marauders
* When a planet is occupied, the occupier now gradually spawns a garrison force to hold and defend it. Unless destroyed by battle or bombardment, the garrison force remains until the planet is either annexed or reverts to the owner's control
* Wormhole Stabilization is now also researchable if any known (playable) empire has researched it first
* Clicking 'new fleet' in fleet manager now selects the new entry and opens the add design menu
* Combat computers now tell you the actual range the ship will attempt to hold at during combat
* Fleet manager now clearly displays when fleets are at full strength
* Added "Eye of Hawking" black hole name
* Ringworlds are now unlocked by the Galactic Wonders ascension perk, and the Circle of Life perk has been removed
* The Erudite trait now enhances leaders with additional traits in a similar way to Psionic or Cyborg

# Balance
* Increased energy upkeep of all Starbase sizes by +1. Outposts now cost 1 energy maintenance
* Base unity income increased from 1 to 2
* Base tradition cost increased from 56 to 100 (does not affect the cost increase from number of traditions)
* Tradition unity cost per system reduced from 2% to 1%
* Corvette/Destroyer/Cruiser/Battleship build speed techs now also reduce build cost of that ship type by 5%
* Habitats now have their own fortress building (Security Zone) that is effective at unrest reduction but provides only a few defense armies and no FTL inhibitor or bombardment protection
* It is now possible to mod away serviles & pre-sapient traits if you have completed biological ascension
* Egalitarian ethics effect on faction influence increased from +15%/30% to +25%/50%
* Corvette Focus trait now requires Destroyers tech (as it's hardly a 'focus' if it's the only ship type possible)
* Scout admiral trait reduced from 20% to 10% speed (so Gale-Speed is faster)
* Admiral now always dies when last ship in fleet is destroyed and there are no disengaged ships to move to
* Drone Mining Lasers are now a bit worse against hull and a bit better against shields
* Broken and shattered planets spawned on galaxy generation can now have deposits
* Thrusters now cost different amounts of minerals and give different amounts of evasion based on which ship size they are for (corvette thrusters are cheaper and add more evasion, etc)
* Reduced cost of hiring Marauder leaders to 2000 energy
* Militarist ethics now gain -10%/-20% war exhaustion gain instead of army damage bonus
* Technologies that reduce claim cost now also decrease war exhaustion gain
* Having an enclave in your border now gives +1 opinion per year instead of +1 opinion per month, as the latter made all other opinion boosts rather meaningless
* Increased opinion bonuses for ally of ally and mutual rivals
* Increased opinion penalties of allying rivals
* Tributary wargoal is now a bit easier to enforce
* Reduced War Exhaustion per ship and army killed
* Combat computers now give evasion_mult instead of evasion_add
* Asteroid Sighted can no longer pop after the first 50 years, to avoid it happening in large sprawling empires with limited time to respond
* First pirate event now tells you the system where they are based
* Increased time limits of all Special Projects requiring a ship in orbit (new minimum is 3 years)
* Federation fleet is now limited to an absolute max naval capacity of 500
* It is now possible to get the gateway activation tech if you know any other empire that has the technology
* You now get war exhaustion a bit slower while fighting a Liberation War
* When a Federation enforces ideology on an empire, that empire now gets opinion boosts with the entire federation
* AI Empires now gets pirates
* Normalized unique Leviathan building costs. Ether Drake Shrine, Dragonslayer Monument, and Stellar Devourer Trophy now all cost 800 minerals and take one year to build
* Post-Apocalyptic civic starts with a more balanced home world, because even Max Rockatansky cannot live on gasoline alone
* The "Scout" Admiral trait will now first appear after Gravitic Sensors tech has been researched
* Global Pacifier and Neutron Sweep can now be used to neutralize Prethoryn infested worlds
* Added a 20 year cooldown before the AI can hire a Marauder raid against the same target again
* Increased combat disengage chance for Titans
* Increased max number of Titans from to 3 to 20
* Resource Replicators mineral production increased from 30 to 40
* Raised starbase max cap to 999
* Raised naval max cap to 9999
* Psionic Shields can no longer be reverse-engineered
* Purifiers, Devouring Swarms and Exterminators can now be spontaneously raided by Marauders, and can also offer tribute
* The Wraith will now spawn at the mid-game date set in the galaxy settings, rather than 40 years after its host star is surveyed. The Wraith will not spawn if its star has not been surveyed before the mid-game date
* Removed initial opinion gain when trading resources with a Trader Enclave to prevent exploit
* Negative opinion modifiers for Planet-Killing are now cumulative, stacking up to 5x and decaying by 1 Opinion per year.
* Marauders will now wait at least five years before threatening to raid you again
* Great Pyramid event chain is now more likely if indoctrination is being used
* Reduced chance of Khan awakening from void dwelling destruction
* Early Space Age primitives are now much less likely to nuke themselves unless due to observation station interference
* Gestalt Consciousnesses now get less piracy risk
* Security Zone habitat building no longer has a tech requirement
* Reduced chance of Generals dying in battle when their division is destroyed
* Unrest and unhappiness no longer reduces food production, to prevent an unrecoverable death spiral of food shortages leading to even more starvation
* Slaves' attraction to egalitarianism now depends on how unhappy they are - happy slaves will gain authoritarian attraction instead, as they learn to love the lash
* Unlocking Evolutionary Mastery now requires Glandular Acclimation tech rather than Targeted Gene Expressions
* Increased jump drive cooldown from 120 to 200 days
* Erudite and Talented are now mutually exclusive traits
* Nerve Stapled and Talented are now mutually exclusive traits, as satisfying as it was to oversee a menagerie of lobotomized Tchaikovskys
* Increased general exp gain from ground combat massively
* The resources stolen by Marauder raiding fleets now scale to your mineral income
* Reduced forced migration speed (so it's slower than extermination generally)
* Opinion modifier from Hallowing a Fallen Empire's Holy World no longer decays
* Added a lot more resources to the non-Cybrex Precursor home systems
* Post-Apocalyptic start now has an extra food deposit under a tile blocker
* Assimilators can no longer pick the Machine Worlds ascension perk
* Assimilators now get the same technology as Hive Minds (producing all resource production) instead of the normal Machine Empire tech that boosts robot resource production
* Precursor home systems are now much more likely to spawn inside or close to the borders of their discoverer
* Reduced the strength of rampaging trees to a less Entish level
* Increased war exhaustion gain from battles and planetary destruction
* Reduced torpedo bonus damage against armor to +50% (from +100%)
* Reduced autocannon bonus damage against shields to +50% (from +100%)
* Increased range and firing speed of point defense
* Habitats now cost 200 influence each
* Reduced tech cost per system from 2% to 1%
* Raised base tech costs
* A Synthetically Ascended Empire's factions will no longer care about Synth Envy
* Swapped cost/maintenance of clone and slave armies
* Removed the penalties for high war exhaustion. Once a war side reaches 100% war exhaustion, there is now a 24 month timer that starts ticking down. Once the 24 month timer has ended, it is now possible to force a status quo peace. It is possible to mod out forced status quo and mod back in penalties if desired
* Tradition scaling cost has been increased, reducing rate of acquisition
* Devouring Swarm now gets -50% starbase influence cost and -25% ship cost (up from -15%)
* Exterminators now get -30% starbase influence cost
* Fixed combat computer and weapon ranges to match up better

# Civics
* Citizen Service civic now also increases unity output from fortress and strongholds by 1
* Aristocratic Elite civic now gives +2 leader cap and +2 governor max level instead of +4 leader cap and -50% leader recruitment cost
* Distinguished Admiralty civic increases leader cap by +2
* Driven Assimilators now express their raison d'etre by having the 'Assimilate' total war CB
* Purifier and anti-Purifier CBs no longer require neighboring status (was confusing and unintuitive to players)
* Nationalistic Zeal civic now gives -10% war exhaustion gain instead of +1 rivalries
* Free Haven now gives xeno migration attraction instead of migration attraction
* Police State now also reduces Piracy Risk by 25%

# Traditions
* Expansion adoption effect now gives +50% colony development speed (down from +100%)
* Galactic Ambition expansion tradition now gives -20% starbase upkeep instead of +2 starbase capacity
* Fleet Levies now makes all subject (not just vassal) Pops count towards overlord's naval capacity instead of giving a fraction of vassal naval capacity (as the latter resulted in getting huge amounts of naval capacity from techs of 1-system vassals)
* Faith in Science now gives 3 months of Unity production per tech unlocked instead of adding Unity production to assist research
* To Boldly Go now gives +50% science ship disengage chance instead of +30 science ship evasion
* Planetary Survey Corps has been replaced with Databank Uplinks; which unlocks Assist Research (techs related to Assist Research are no longer researchable, and base effect was buffed)

# Ascension Perks
* Shared Destiny effect on integration cost reduction changed from -50% to -75%
* Nihilistic Acquisition can now be taken by purifier-style empires
* Executive Vigor effect on edict duration reduced from +100% to +50%
* Grasp the Void effect on starbase capacity increased from +4 to +5
* Mind over Matter no longer creates new separate species, but keeps hierarchy

# Edicts
* Drone Campaign food cost increased from 100 to 500
* Learning Campaign food cost increased from 50 to 500
* War Drone Campaign food cost increased from 50 to 500
* Patrol Drones planetary edict is now available to all Gestalt Consciousness-empires

# UI
* Added building descriptions to traditions that unlock buildings
* Starbase upgrade cost and Module/Building building cost now properly show modifiers affecting them
* Renamed Growth Speed to Pop Growth Speed to be clearer
* Added the correct icons for megastructures and starbases in the control-groups UI
* Contacts view has been improved
* Government view now displays ruler & heir skill stars
* Heir tooltip no longer displays skill effects (as heir has no skill effects until they become ruler)
* Clicking your ruler or heir name in Government View will now allow you to change their name and/or title
* Galaxy resources now show the amount actually collected, and the tooltips give you the list of applied modifiers
* Resource modifiers no longer show decimal values
* Removed pointless decimals for starbase caps, planet caps, naval command cap, and naval capacity
* Added the country resources add and multipliers modifiers to the budget tab
* Improved how the speed modifiers are shown in the starbase upgrade time tooltip
* Added a more clear warning that deleting templates will also disband ships
* Fixed several instances of a Status Quo peace being called a White Peace in peace messages
* Alert for High War Exhaustion is now more helpful
* Traits that are already present in species can now always be re-added while in process of modifying template
* Aura tooltip now differentiates between system-wide friendly auras and fleet-only friendly auras
* Changed the current value of template designs in fleet manager to show the current amount of ships including ones that only are scheduled for retrofit
* Clicking your own empire shield on colonized systems in the galaxy map will now open planet view and cycle between colonies in that system
* Outposts that are being upgraded into Starports will now be shown in outliner
* Fixed scrollbar position in trader enclave diplomacy window
* Fixed incorrectly calculated 'produced' line for minerals in topbar tooltip when subject taxes were involved
* Claims no longer show up in wargoal if you have no claims
* Pop modifier is now blue rather than yellow in the planet interface (to more easily tell it apart from upgrade button)

# AI
* AI now activates some of its anti-crisis logic when under threat from a mid-game crisis like the Great Khan
* AI no longer picks shared destiny unless it has at least one vassal
* Added separate definitions for mid-game and end-game crisis factions, with slightly different AI logic to respond to them
* Fixed another cause of AI endlessly inviting player to the same war
* AI should now be better at specializing its starbases to meet empire needs
* AI now has smarter multi-fleet behavior and will not try to follow an ally with more than half of its own fleets
* AI now properly understands the impact of subject tax on its income, even when modifiers are applied, and will adjust expenses accordingly
* AI should now be better at trading for food when at risk of starvation
* Fixed some issues with the AI attempting to merge or split unsplittable fleets (like mercenaries) resulting in stuck AI fleets
* Fixed AI paying too much for Marauder raids
* AI is now a bit less likely to hire Marauder raids against their rivals
* AI is now more willing to accept humiliate peace terms
* AI is now able to extract resources from sectors, if the sector is very rich or the controlling empire is in desperate need
* Fixed AI ignoring mineral upkeep for its ships when building & disbanding
* Unbidden will now use more of their fleets offensively, and less defending construction ships
* AI will no longer split fleets that are in combat, have active orders or have hostiles in the system, as this could be suicidal
* AI federation fleets will no longer follow other fleets, as this could lead to groups of AI fleets getting stuck
* AI will no longer use jump drive if it has allies following, to avoid them getting separated
* AI will no longer use jump drive against crises

# Modding
* Added a country modifier for war exhaustion gain (when multiple countries are involved on the same side in a war, the averaged modifier of all of them is used)
* add_threat effect now once again takes country scope (generates threat scaled towards whole target empire)
* Expanding changes from "distance" trigger to "distance_to_empire" trigger distance_to_empire = { who = <target> type = <hyperlane/euclidean> uses_bypass = <yes/no> } uses hyperlane and bypasses by default, the empire in "who" is used to determine bypass usage
* Reworked distance trigger. It now works: distance = { source = <target> min = 50 max = 120 type=<hyperlane/euclidean> uses_bypass=<yes/no> bypass_empire=<empire> min_jumps = 2 max_jumps = 10 }" ); type = hyperlane/euclidean (hyperlane by default) uses_bypass: yes/no (yes by default) whether to use bypasses (wormholes/gateways) when evaluating distance bypass_empire is used to determine what bypass can be used. This parameter is ignored if uses_bypass=false if unset, bypasses will be ignored min_jumps and max_jumps work the same as min/max, except in number of jumps instead of distance units. These parameters are ignore if 0, or if the type isn't hyperlane
* Added GetMidGameDate, GetLateGameDate and GetDate localization script variables
* Added on_mid_game_pulse & on_late_game_pulse
* Added `research_technology <tech key>` console command
* research_technologies to research_all_technologies (to make it easier to autocomplete vs research_technology)
* Added SHIP_MAX_EVASION ship define limiting the maximum amount of evasion a ship is allowed to have (used to be hardcoded to 90%)
* There is now a ship_modifier entry for ship sizes that takes modifier types that the normal modifier (which is used for base ship design stats) does not, such as weapon range mult
* Added modifier country_occupation_armies_add that determines the number of occupation armies spawned by an empire
* Fixed years_of_peace trigger being misdocumented as "years_at_peace"

# Bugfix
* Fixed system/colony tradition costs being multiplied on each other instead of additive
* Fixed additional potential out of sync issues in multiplayer
* Afterburners can no longer be installed on defense platforms, as lovely as it was to uselessly vent fuel in to space as a gesture of contempt to environmentalists
* Deep Space Black Site now requires you to own a planet in the system, instead of erroneously using the same trigger as trading hub
* All Satrapies are now properly liberated when the Horde fractures into the Diadochi
* Fixed bug where the planet class transition effect started too late
* Fixed adopting the Domination tradition tree not unlocking certain diplomatic actions for eligible Machine Empires
* Fixed auto-exploring science ships doubling up (exploring the same system simultaneously)
* Fixed a CTD. Could sometimes try to merge invalid fleets.
* No longer possible to hold Casus Belli on non-empire factions such as Crises and Marauders
* Galactic core visibility is now lifted when you explore all systems adjacent to it, instead of just one
* Fixed empires not being able to see primitives in other empires' space due to lack of comms spread
* Ships merging in to fleets directly from stations now behave properly
* Fixed scientists not dying when their science ship was destroyed in battle
* Fixed raiding stance not having bombardment graphics on planet being raided
* Fixed tooltips for status column in contacts view to accurately reflect what they represent
* Fixed raiding not always abducting pops when it should, due to bad habitability calculation
* Fixed raiding stance not having the correct pop limit (would abduct at >6 instead of >4 pops)
* Fixed a freeze when trying to upgrade technologies more than their max levels
* Fixed Determined Exterminators starting with a farm building
* Construction is now paused for starbases in combat
* Fixed force ethics not correctly calculating a government for the defeated empire's new ethics
* Enigmatic fortress now properly disables even after saving and loading the game (status was not properly saved)
* Iron Fist governor trait is no longer available for Hive Minds, making it disabled for all types of Gestalt Consciousness-empires
* Fixed being unable to land armies on a colony seized by Mutants
* Fix bug where queued items wasn't moved to the new fleet design when a design upgrade gets available
* Fixed Slaving Despots being far too common an AI personality because of wrongly scripted weights
* Disables the bypass cache when calculating the distance to capital modifier, hopefully solving an OOS issue
* Fix a crash when quitting to the main menu in the middle of a war
* It should no longer be possible to try to spawn a star system with an invalid star class
* Fixed crash when comparing the relative power of a country that has no power
* Prevented fake country from trying to initialize a technology module it does not have for some reason
* UNE now uses correct name list when spawned in Commonwealth games
* Fixed revolting slaves greedily snatching the capital planet when they're not supposed to
* No longer possible to force ideology on Fallen Empires
* Fixed Omega Theory tech sometimes not appearing at the end of the Horizon Signal chain
* Fixed an event-spawned science ship not getting a hyperdrive
* Fixed planet unrest modifiers not being properly recalculated
* Fixed Ascension Theory tech not being available to players who do not own Apocalypse
* Fixed being able to build Trading Hubs in primitive systems
* Defense platforms that are over cap are now deleted when downgrading a starbase
* Unless a megastructure is set to be built outside gravity wells it MUST have a planet set to be built
* Description texts for the exterminator civic updated to reflect ship build cost
* Colony ships now also get reduced ship cost if there is a modifier for it
* Fixed a bug where tradition cost did not increase per planet, but rather cost per system twice instead
* Fixed issue where Prethoryn Defeated happiness modifier was not applied to militarists correctly
* Fixed a crash when sorting the war logs more than once
* Crashfix when trying to send a message that couldn't be created
* You can no longer stop the building of other empire's robot
* You can no longer save a ship design if that name is already used by a ship design for another ship size
* Fixed a bug where polytechnic education tradition effect did not match tooltip
* Fixed so that expansion traditions adopt bonus is now the same for all types of empires, instead of using the old value for hive minds and machine empires
* Contingency sterilization hubs can now be properly neutralized by World Crackers and Global Pacifiers
* Fixed species being able to spawn with Serviles trait
* Fixed Colossus and Containment CBs not being correctly applied
* No longer possible to lose a rival you're at war with due to strength differences
* Growing pops are now always killed when a planet is bombarded into a tomb world
* Fixed a bug where Prethoryn could end up with non-infested planets which could not be bombarded
* Fleet capacity now displayed correctly for fleets that should not have any. Also, the "open fleet manager" button in the fleet view is disabled for fleets that the player does not have a fleet template for (alliance fleets)
* Fixed misaligned constructed ringworld segments
* Fixed Casus Belli notification spam
* Synthethically Ascended empires no longer get the Ghost Signal modifier on newly constructed Pops
* Fixed issue with Gateway construction event incorrectly firing when someone else activated a Gateway in your system
* Wormholes and Gateways are now taken into consideration when checking if empires are neighbors
* Fixed "Go To" location and typo in "Habitat Complete" event
* Event ships now get proper fleets with templates, but are blocked from cheat building through fleet manager
* Marauder raiding fleets now go after mining/research stations of their intended target, and scale properly according to difficulty
* Robotic workers are now automatically allowed when you synthetically ascend
* Fixing the bug when foreign starbases weren't shown at all
* Wormholes in systems owned by non-regular empires such as Marauders are now accessible
* Removed faulty reference to Tributaries from Inward Perfection tooltip
* Fixed bug where the Empire modifier wasn't localized
* Fixed bug where the FTL inhibitor icon was not always at the rightmost slot in the galaxy view
* Fixed some broken localization in the "Of Transmissions Past" anomaly chain
* Fixed issue where Cultist systems to be searched were too far away
* Fixed union map modes not having the same inner country colors
* Fixed a rare case of Horizon Signal buildings not spawning as intended
* Fixed Curators giving wrong advice about some versions of the Wraith
* Updated the Armor and Shield tooltips to better reflect new gameplay mechanics
* Fixed issue where Horde auxiliary fleets failed to get a proper name
* Fixed issue where Feral Prethoryn systems were inaccessible
* Fixed issue where AI trying to hire mercs that weren't available resulted in error log spam
* Fixed issue where empires would sometimes not turn into a Divine Empire upon turning their Chosen One into God-Emperor
* Fixing the issue when opening star base view was not closing other views
* The event where AI empires submit to the Khan can no longer fire for players
* Fleets in orbit now show the in orbit status icon
* Fixed scrollbar being outside of ship section selector window
* Fixed bug where Ion Cannons might spawn without a weapon and made the ship type designable
* Fixed edge-case issue with some event options in "Grimacing" anomaly
* Fixed bug where post-apocalyptic machine empires would spawn with an incorrect capital building
* A proper cost breakdown is now displayed in the tooltip for civilian ships
* Systems that have space monsters, leviathans or enclaves in them no longer contribute to piracy risk
* Fixed error log spam related to Pirates, should work even in already-affected saved games
* Fixed abducting pops not properly removing the pop from the planet, resulting in various weird bugs
* The fleet manager now clarifies why ship designs cannot be added to fleet templates
* Fixed inconsistency in displayed ship evasion in the ship designer vs. the ship view
* Fixed bug where all colonizer species weren't listed in the expansion planner filter
* Made sure ethics costs have a cap of 1000000
* Fixed bug where it was possible to inspect leviathans
* Fixed bug where ship disengage mult modifiers were not display as percentages
* Multiplying resources should no longer overflow
* Fixed root cause for being able to get and lose CBs constantly
* Fixed triggers for Stop Colossus CB to work properly
* Fixed piracy risk interface
* The correct maintenance cost is now displayed when building starbases
* Awakened Empires can no longer freely colonize within other empires' borders
* Battle losses from emergency FTL are properly registered
* Found and fixed more out of synch issues in multiplayer
* Fixed arcane and mysterious code happenings
* Fixed a crash when loading certain older saves
* Fixed ships getting stuck when they lost the sector they belonged to, they now revert to core sector control
* Fixed numerous things that were conspiring to make weapon range modifiers not work
* Army power should now always be displayed consistently regardless of whether they're on a planet, in space, in ground combat
* Fixed "Rift Sealed" achievement sometimes not being awarded properly
* Subject tax mult modifier is now *actually* multiplicative, so so a tax multiplier of 50% on a 25% tax results in 37.5% tax, not 75% tax
* Fixed another case where displacement would not result in pops moving due to incorrect game rules check
* Fixed a freeze when trying to add armies by accelerating name comparisons for armies
* Asteroid Hivers are no longer unidentified when they appear
* Fixed subspecies wrongly becoming undesirables when doing Psionic Ascension
* Fixed Awakened Empire subjugation Casus Belli not working properly
* Fixed scaled difficulty bonuses being reversed
* Fixed a crash in border calculations where systems are generated outside the galaxy
* Fixed issue where Enigmatic Fortress special projects would sometimes fail to appear
* Fixed typo in research header localization
* Claims no longer give opinion penalties between vassals and overlords (both ways)
* Ideology CB is no longer available against Fallen and Awakened empires
* No longer possible to abduct growing pops
* Rampaging trees can no longer into space if you lose control of a planet to them
* Tweaked loc in a few existing events to better match current game systems
* Fixed the machine empire resource boosting society tech having a bad pre-req, resulting in it not being researchable
* Fixed a case where a fleet with a very small number of ships could not be split
* Fixed issue where event announcing destruction of Marauders failed to include their name
* Fixed expansionist ruler trait not reducing mineral cost of outposts
* Fixed army building progress bar overlapping upgrades available icon in the outliner
* Fixed missing 'go to' button in the "Fender Bender" anomaly
* Ships with auto-best ship designs will no longer try to upgrade into non-auto-best designs (unless retrofitted)
* Removed a bunch of cases of "the the" in loc that made the game literally unplayable
* Fixed being unable to land armies on colonies controlled by Marauding Creatures (not retroactive, requires New Game)
* Fixed not being able to cancel a potential claim on the galaxy map if you can't afford a second claim
* Fixed long empire names overflowing in Federation view
* Fixed Hull Points getting truncated in the Federation view Fleets tab
* Fixed misaligned Rename Federation button (e.g. the clickable Federation name)
* Fixed issue with gap in ringworld structures
* Devouring Swarms, Purifiers, Assimilators and Exterminators will no longer get claims on systems they lose in war under most circumstances
* Fixed communication bug where primitives would get communications with everybody in the galaxy (resulting in silent establishment of communication with empires you've never met)
* Fixed crash when bombarding a planet into a tombworld
* Fixed wrong numbers displayed when reinforcing fleets in the fleet manager
* Clicking a design entry in fleet manager no longer opens retrofit menu
* Fixed naval capacity usage being incorrectly calculated for non fully reinforced fleets
* Fixed trade deals failing without explanation if a resource was added and then removed, following asking the same side for that resource
* Fixed cases where the "Unbidden" event wouldn't let you contact them
* Wormholes/Gateways are ignored when looking at closest systems (should reduce cases of events spawning too far away)
* Fixed an issue where reducing the number of ships to zero in the fleet manager while ships of that type were building could produce negative numbers of ships in the manager

Пожалуйста заметьте, что мы не можем гарантировать полную совместимость ваших сейвов, а некоторые из вышенаписанных исправлений будут работать только на новой партии. Если у вас есть какой-то важный расклад, вы можете откатиться на предыдущую версию 2.0 следующим образом:

Библиотека стим > правый клик на stellaris > свойства > вкладка бета-версий > выберите версию, к которой хотите откатиться

После этого, просто закройте свойства игры и подождите, пока игры обновится к нужной версии. Получайте удовольствие от игры!



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Скорость на релизе бета-патча, кораблям так и не увеличили. Что ж... Придётся иметь дело с тем, что есть, пока что.


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Да и не увеличат небось =\

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