A Game of Thrones

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A Game of Thrones

“A Game of Thrones” (AGOT) - глобальный мод для CK II по вселенной Джорджа Рэймонда Ричарда Мартина "Песнь льда и пламени" (ПЛиО), фэнтези саге, где большие и малые лорды соперничают в борьбе за земли льда и пламени, от Вестероса и семи королевств на западе до Кварта на востоке
В стране, где лето длится долгие годы, а зимы десятилетиями, девять великих домов сражаются за контроль над семью королевствами Вестероса.
Возьмите под свой контроль благородный дом, от Старков из Винтерфелла до Ланнистеров в Утёсе Кастерли и заполучите железный трон!
Но помните, зима близко.

Для стабильной работы мода необходима 64-битная система и 4 Гб оперативной памяти

Скачать 1.6 для 2.8.1
Форум разработчиков
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Последнее редактирование:


В следующем обновлении игроки с соответствующим DLC могут изменять имена драконам.



Разработчики говорят, что у них есть куча интересных вещей для следующего релиза.
С помощью нескольких сабмодов, по типу Века крови, в моде появятся новые закладки и можно будет поиграть за королей первых людей, вторгнуться в Вестерос за андалов и увидеть Валирию до Рока.

Размер скринов такой же мелкий и в оригинале, так что простите.

Последнее редактирование:


Вышла новая версия - 1.6
Чексумма: GRSL
Совместима с: 2.8.1


Patch 1.6 Notes
This patch mainly concerns patch 2.8 and The Jade Dragon DLC, with many new additions and fixes

- Updated mod for 2.8
- Major portrait updates
- Valyrian steel swords and dragon eggs now use the artifact system.
- Rename dragons, swords and other artifacts
- AI is less likely to kidnap random young women
- Reinstated ursine shenanigans
- Improved dragon-feline interaction

Century of Blood, Westeros Only and other new official submods will follow soon.

Full changelog below.

Version 1.6
- Updated mod for 2.8

Jade Dragon/2.8:
- Integrated some DLC falvour events and event pictures
- Integrated vanilla write book events
- Applied new monastic government to Norvos to make them playable
- Applied new vanilla kinslayer system, also added a suspected kinslayer trait
- Adapted JD hiring chinese strategist events to the mod
- Linked maesters with the new teacher title
- Added the new vanilla vassalisation casus belli
- Andals can use force vassalisation against First Men
- Added the new vanilla unjust war CB, game rule is defaulted to off
- Yi Ti culture now puts dynasty name before first name
- Added a special tributary type for the Sarnori mechanics

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- Added a modified version of the Rhoynar+ water magic. Can only be used in province bordering the rhoyne or it's tribuatries
- Added a game rule for Targaryen coin flip event
- A poor and weak AI patrician may now sell their family palace and patrician status to another lord
- Added option to foreign tour to vist the wonders made by man (event text by Sinstar)
- Holding upgrades now work via a settlement decision. They can also no longer fail.
- Reworked vanilla 'weaken fellow vassal' plot. It can no longer result in war, and has improved AI logic
- Added an 'old and lonely' mourning event
- Improved vanilla 'arbitrary' trait events
- Kingsguard can now choose sides in a mega war
- When successfully pressing a claim, a lord may now sometimes choose to vassalise the target rather than usurp
- Added a decision to reassign a councillor to another vacant council position
- Made it harder to legitimise bastards, only kings and independent rulers can now grant legitimisation in most circumstances
- Added some smuggling events for pirates
- Unlanded characters may now renounce or take up piracy
- Kingdoms inherited by distant relatives who are not dynasts now usually fall into interregnum (applies to Dany in Meereen)
- Improved dragon-feline interaction
- Removed vanilla ask to embargo action and replaced with a decision for the mod, so AI and other conditions can be better controlled.
- The Iron Throne's traditional capital can now dynamically change to king's landing and other places
- Valyrian Steel wars now starts via an ultimatum issued via diplomatic interaction
- Added more Others update events
- Adjusted structure of siege take prisoners event, including added option to put them all in house arrest which precludes subsequent requests for house arrest
- Jon Snow now gets the deserter trait if he accepts Stannis' offer and is defeated in the North
- Added more options for replies to demands for raiding redress
- Mercenary company wealth is now distributed amongst its members
- Added events informing others of interesting trials by combat/court
- Added notification event whenever a random combat skill increase is successful
- Robb now makes some friend in his first ACoK event
- The event for faith of the seven high valyrians to take an extra 'spouse' is now a decision
- Using wildfire in an offensive siege is now a decision
- When the Great Sept is built in King's Landing it is now named after whoever built it
- Made some revisions to Danny Flint event chain
- The player can rename their newborn dragons to whatever they like
- Non-valyrians can now convert to valyrian culture if one of their parents is valyrian
- Added an option to grant a landless character a vacant kingdom if the capital is held by a vassal republic
- Added notification for when commanders are defeated in personal combat during battle
- Added a Marwyn the Mage event in AFFC
- Added an event where a ruler can try to force their widowed relatives to get married
- The force marriage decision can now be used between prisoners and any available courtier
- The player can now directly pick slave breeding partners from the decision menu
- Landholding priests of the Boash religion will get the blinded trait
- If Victarion uses the dragon horn, there is now a chance that Euron will get the dragon
- Few important Reach Lords can now choose to follow Stannis or Tyrells after Renly's death during Parley at Storm's End

- Valyrian steel swords now use the artifact system. Added a portrait indicator for owners of valyrian steel artifacts. Traits retained for dead characters for history purposes.
- Added the option to view the past holders of valyrian steel artifacts
- Added a decision to seize ancestral valyrian steel from prisoners. Also added a game rule to allow the seizure of any valyrian steel
- Dragon eggs are now artifacts
- Added dragon horns as artifacts that are very useful for dragon taming
- The player can now rename most atrifacts (converted the 'destroy artifact' button into a 'manage artifact' button)
- Added an option to sell an artifact
- Added new portrait layer that displays equipped canon crowns
- Converted flagships into artifacts
- Patrician flagship feud event now uses flagship artifacts
- When the AI obtains a generic valyrian steel it will now be given a dynamic name
- Artifacts are now transferred after an interregnum council
- Added a fire sword artifact
- Added arakh, crystal sword and daaario's ladies artifacts
- Dynamically forged Iron Throne crowns are now named after the first holder
- Added more crowns, weapons, book and other misc artifacts
- Added a special event for colonising Old Ghis
- Fixed Royce Bronze Armor

Alchemist Guild:
- Erudite characters can now join the Alchemists Guild
- Boosted chance of AI characters joining the Alchemists Guild
- Fixed shortage of Wisdoms in the Alchemists Guild
- Added a warning for the player when they cannot receive missions from The Alchemists Guild
- Alchemists will no longer ask to go to The Citadel for training
- Alchemists will no longer volunteer for the Night's Watch

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
- SPOILER: J can now find out about R+L at feasts, weddings and other events
- Added Empress Khiara the Great's Lengi indepdence war to the Century of Blood bookmark
- Added a second bookmark to Century of Blood for Harwyn Hardhand's invasion of the Riverlands
- Changed some historical dates for ancient characters in Dorne
- Qarth has control of the Jade Gate provinces in the Century of Blood
- Added historical date changes for ancient characters to the Century of Blood files
- The Yellow Emperor that married a Valyrian is no longer active in the Century of Blood, moved back 1000 years
- Fixed House Branfield being kingslander culture
- Jon is now friends with Robb and Arya
- Updated stats/traits of Mance Rayder, Darkstar, Drogo, Mace Tyrell,
- Added grandsons to House Norrey and Flint
- Added unnamed Manderly household knight
- Fixed Little and Big Walder birth dates
- House Strong now owns the Red Fork
- Added more blackfyre claimants to the Blackfyre lineage history
- Added House Reyaan as a patrician house in Braavos
- Made many adjustments and fixes to Targaryen, Velaryon and Blackfyre families
- Updated history/traits of Justin Massey, Pycelle
- Adjusted Euron's traits/stats and restored his eyepatch
- Added Byan Votyris, Pello Greenbeard, Harmen Dondarrion, Roro Uhoris
- Updated house Wode book era family
- Fixed Terrance Storm's dynasty
- Fixed Renly's birth date
- Made some House Toland revisions
- Made Euron and Theon/Asha rivals
- Updated Jason Lannister's history
- Updated Varamyr Sixskins family/traits/history
- Updated the Harles wildling family
- Updated Rhaenys' traits
- Added quick trait to Maester Aemon
- Added some canon black brothers
- Made Santagar book era family bigger
- Caswells are now neutral in Wot5K
- Phillip Foote now backs the King in AFFC
- Harrenhal vassals are now sworn to the Tullys in ACoK
- Fixed succession laws in some iron islands titles
- Whitehill-Forrester war is now only ongoing only in between ACoK and AFFC, to avoid interference with canon wars
- Added some canon courtiers to Dany's court
- Changed House Sunglass to Stormlanders rather than West Valyrians
- Changed some historical character dates for ancient characters in the Reach
- Changed some historical dates for ancient characters in the Vale
- Made Harwood Stout one-armed
- Other misc database updates/fixes

- Made some revisions to siege capture events
- Boosted chance of North/Vale AI getting a claim on The Sisters during the canon conflict period
- Some casus bellis no longer give 100% war score when capturing the enemy
- Revised conditions/AI for someone stealing the throne from a nominated female heir, player will no longer be forced into this
- A sub-vassal can no longer declare independence from a dejure liege
- The restriction on attempting to tame a dragon in a province owned by a dragon rider now also applies if the owner is a dragon riding dynasty (meaning the dynasty head is or has been a dragon rider)
- Yellow Emperor invader can no longer have a dragon
- A regent must now have some sort of claim/justification for stealing the throne via event. Now also incurs dishonour.
- Lowered opinion of spouse threshold for becoming a widow
- It is now harder for females of an agnatic culture to go on a landless adventure
- Deaths in trials by combat are now slightly less likely
- Rebalanced prestige/salary of all council and honourary titles
- Added ticking unoccupied warscore to several casus bellis
- Wildlings joining defensive coalitions is now less likely
- Added a defeated major revolt modifier that gives fear, and prevents most rulers from joining factions against rulers with high fear
- Pirate realms inherited by non-pirates now break up
- Unlanded dragon riders may now sometimes reject marriages
- If a wildling king is defeated during an invasion their realm may now shatter if they have insufficient prestige
- Night's Watch, kingsguard, dragons etc can no longer be invited to court
- High rank rulers now start with more prestige at the start of the game
- Adjusted trial by combat champion requirements
- Nomads can no longer seek raiding redress
- Decreased chance of making friends at feasts
- Pressing the claim of a courtier now results in a non-aggression pact
- Dragon riders can now always use fabricate claim on liege title plot if liege is not a dragon rider
- Reduced martial gain from dragon rider trait
- Made tourney winners pursuing related queens of love and beauty less likely
- The traits of a child's educator now has an effect on what childhood traits they may get (Conclave DLC)
- Immortal characters will no longer become infirm, blind or incapable
- Estimated duel skill now effects trait cost in ruler designer
- Rulers can now surrender to emancipation war declarations
- The player now has the choice on whether to usurp a nominated female heir
- All province modifiers that effect build time now also effect colony completion time
- Added some restrictions on when the vengeance CB can be used
- Made Danny Flint event less likely
- Increased fort level siege assault cap to 10
- Added a 5 year opinion boost for characters who have won a kingsmoot, which also allows use of the ironborn invasion CB regardless of loyalists. Zealous trait also now allows this CB
- Ironborn with certain traits are now more likely to join loyalist factions of a liege who can use the invasion CB
- Made some adjustments to Euron's start in AFFC so that his vassals like him more
- Liege's can no longer command a vassal to stand down if they are imprisoned by them
- Night's Watch deserters can no longer call for coalition aid
- Rulers at war with the faith will no longer get the option to join the Warrior's Sons

- Rulers are less likely to join coalitions for foreigners or for wars between minor parties
- Adjusted AI dragon intimidation. Will now never declare war on a strong dragon rider unless overwhelmingly more powerful.
- Added some more AI restrictions to some plots
- AI use of field of fire decision is now triggered by event, to ensure they use it in good time
- Improved AI logic for accepting to be a trial champion (less likely to fight own relatives)
- Improved AI post mega war punishment logic
- Characters with the tame a dragon ambition may now actively seek a dragon to tame
- Expanded AI traditional naming system to include more great houses
- Made some adjustments to faction AI
- Ai is less likely to kidnap random young women
- AI regents may now fire their liege's councillors
- The AI should now never transfer vassalage of The Kingsguard

Graphics and portraits:
Major portrait updates
- Added many new portrait graphics improvements (westerosi, northman, ironborn, valyrian)
- New Hair and Beards (Western, Northman, Dornish, Dothraki, Free Cities, Muslim, Ironborn)
- New Clothes and Headgear (Andal, Dothraki, Ghiscari, Ironborn, Muslim, Myrman, Northman, Qartheen, Dornish, Western, Valyrian)
- Fixed a headgear bug with Merchant portraits (new portraits now hide the missing hair that is triggered for slots 10, 12, 13 and 14)
- New "Shared" graphics (artifact crowns, scars, illnesses)
- New version of Norvosi beards
- New Myrman ethnicity
- CotF and Islander portraits replaced
- Brindle portraits now use Dothraki clothes/headgear
- Minor adjustment/fix to Western middle-aged male portraits nose and mouth position
- Much needed fixes to the order of portrait layers for several cultures (example: some old portraits had scars appear above clothes)
- Modified White Walker headgear. Metal crowns have been replaced with "Night King" style ice horns.
- Added on to "red_dots" and "boils" (portraits now slightly change for warlock, white walker, undead, greyscale, greyscale scarred, stressed, drunkard, or sick characters)
- Added new White Walker portrait components (base appearance mediated through red_dots, headgear updated)
- Nefer now uses tibetan holding graphics
- YiTish now use chinese portraits and holdings graphics
- Fixed dodgy slavery event pictures
- Added House Hardyng to dynamic CoA system
- Added death icons for duels, sold into slavery, fire, wildfire, missing, dragons, stillborn, eaten and snu snu NOTE: need to check if the duel one automatically recolours red for known killers or not, if not get a red version of it
- Added Brindlemen portraits by Fededorian
- Added Lysten's Northman graphics
- Updated Winter Crown in artifact gfx
- New "Zorse" artifact picture
- New Qohor flag (submitted by BlackGoat)
- New religious portraits
- Jogos heads slightly adjusted

- The Three Sisters now use Iron Islands base value buildings (renamed)
- Can now build base values in colonised nomad lands
- Added a Volcanic Activity building to Shadowlands, Marahai and Valyria which has same effects as the Dragonmont
- Sothoryos wealth buildings can now be built in Goggosos
- Fair isle is now directly sworn to The Westerlands
- Adjusted base values of some westerland holdings (including weakening Fang Tower)
- Re-arranged some Stormland provinces
- Fixed flea bottom shipyard
- Removed the basilisk islander culture. Basilisk Isles now have random cultures in a similar fashion to The Stepstones
- The Isle of Lice is now an inhabited island in the Basilisk Isles
- Added more holdings to Trader Town
- Increased supply limit in jungle provinces
- Removed adjaciency beetween Holyhall and Inchfield as the first one is not bordering Mander

- Made some optimisations based on event trigger frequency data
- Ruler designer bastards are now given a bastard nickname if possible
- Random high valyrians are no longer kept before 8050, instead they are converted to West/Essosi valyrian culture
- The high valyrian cull now changes culture/appearance/name of invalid high valyrians instead of killing them
- Made effects of harvest feast event clearer
- Reinstated ursine shenanigans
- Claimant adventurers now have title rank and style befitting their target. Can now also use dynamic COA
- Tweaked notch draw loose event
- Added many dynasty names by damocles
- Added missing defined barony to Lannisport
- Revised ransom offer events
- Asabhad is now in the Yi Ti culture group and uses a mix of Hyrkoon and Yi Ti gods
- Added council voting on forming/breaking alliances/pacts
- Prohibited mythical characters from plots/ambitions
- Added many scripture names for religions
- Added some improved culture name sets by Damocles (Wildlings, valyrian, free cities, dothraki, ibbenese, summer islander)
- Added maintenance culling large white walker courts
- Added a maintenance event for Dany's quest fixing any breakages in the event chain
- Made dragontamer nickname less prevalent
- Missing characters are now considered inaccesible and are infertile
- Made some adjustments to Nightswatch / white walkers calls to arms
- Hunt subversives job action is now disabled if devil worshippers are disabled (there is nothing to hunt)
- Made it impossible to hold claims on many special titles
- Changed Rose and Lion automatic join-to-war to ten years alliance beetween Mace and Joff so Mace is now called to arms by Joffrey to both anti-Robb and anti-Stannis wars. Only if started while Renly is alive.

Internal Scripting:
- Added a is_smart_incl_genius_trigger and is_dumb_incl_imbecile_trigger scripted triggers
- Added a is_old_gods_religion_trigger scripted trigger, which checks if a character is any version of an old gods religion
- Added a can_assign_admiral_trigger scripted trigger
- Changed internal dragon culture code to dragon_culture (to avoid clashing with cached dragon trait)
- Adjusted how tyranny is applied, using new on_tyranny_gained_tyrant_only on action
- Put dragons in their own culture/religion group
- Added a stillbirth_chance_effect scripted effect
- Updated increase_red_god_magic to use if, else_if, else structure so it can be used without exiting an entire effect
- Removed all instances of NOT = { has_global_flag = pre_conquest_scenario } and replaced with start_date = 8000.1.1
- Added a true_valyrian_culture_trigger trigger (high, west or essosi valyrian)
- Optimised many decisions using new ai_check_interval option
- Removed much AI yearly slavery and wildfire maintenance and merged it into decisions (using ai_check_interval)
- Added some more conditional tooltips to various things
- Added ai = no pre-trigger to many decisions
- Utilised new death_effects and lose_effects in several minor titles
- Implemented show_only_failed_conditions = yes to some decisions
- Implemented dynasty = actually_culture to various create_character effects

- Starks can no longer savage a dragon to death in their sleep
- Dragons can no longer be burned at the stakes as apostates
- White Walkers will no longer visit your brothel
- Fixed pirates sometimes being able to invade kingdoms
- Adjusted ruin maintenance eto ensure ruined flags are always present
- Novices exiled from The Citadel now lose maester education modifier
- Fixed destroying your own flagship when liberating your capital in a siege
- Removed buggy dynasty claim plot
- Fixed receiving carousing invites from a dead person
- Fixed Ai not picking a syncretic faith
- When a character converts they now lose their syncretic faith
- Fixed overthrow monarchy resolution in Norvos
- Fixed bug where if senior Triarch lost election and was only left with their family palace they would lose this palace within a day
- Fixed slave labour modifiers not applying to family palaces
- Fixed CTD when changing character caused by missing councillor map graphics
- Kingsguard at war with the king can no longer be used in trial by combat or battlefield/plot protection
- Fixed special Robert's Rebellion interregnum
- Fixed religious revolt leaders sometimes usurping patrician family palaces
- Paranormal devil worshipper maluses can now only occur when magic has returned to the world
- Fixed r+l parentage decision not working in some cases
- Immortal resurrected characters can no longer die of old age
- Infants can no longer gain personality traits from feast/siege events
- Fixed Nightsong not being seized by Stannis when he wins the Iron Throne
- Fixed instance of broken legitimise daeron the good decision
- Fixed hacking off limb to cure greyscale never working
- Fixed duplicated inherited dragon egg exploit
- Fixed women getting reaving salt wife event
- Fixed looping cuckolding opinion bug
- Fixed Household Guard not working in patrician palace holdings
- Fixed some issues with 'republic' military commands
- Fixed bug where a baron tier patrician would lose their patrician status when colonising a ruin
- Incapables can no longer become Azor Ahai
- Titular kingdoms with a unique title will be given that title on startup if the kingdom is active
- Added missing localisation for event cold_winds.67
- Fixed Old Ghis not being a ruin in Cenutry of Blood


Вышла новая версия - 1.6.1
Чексумма: YSLL
Совместима с: CK2


- Many Andal Invasion improvements/updates
- Rhoynish Wars improvements/updates
- Valyrian Freehold mechanics tweaks/fixes
- No more infant weaponsmiths
- Lots of bug fixes

Official sub-mods
Extra bookmarks

A collection of submods containing the following extra bookmarks:

Andal Invasion
- The Scouring of Lorath, 6478
- Battle of Sevenstars, 6538
- Light of The Seven, 6699

Rhoynish Wars
- The Turtle War, 7100
- Thousand Ships, 7297
- Nymeria, 7300

Valyrian Freehold
- The Founding of Dragonstone, 7600
- The Uncloaking, 7700
- Before the Doom, 7800

Century of Blood
- Century of Blood, 7886
- Harwyn Hardhand, 7932
- Fall of Sarnor, 7974


Version 1.6.1
Pre-Doom Bookmarks:
- Added scripted events for the Rhoynar Wars, including great invasions, ten thousand ships, and dornish-rhoynar melting pot event. Made some adjustments to scenarios to take changes into account.
- Rhoynar now use Dornish base value buildings
- Added a special Martell-Nymeria inheritance, so that she can inherit as House Nymeros without game over

- Valyrians can now forge valyrian steel pre-doom
- Made valyrian steel merchant more likely pre-doom
- Added maintenance for Valyrian tributaries
- Added an event where a valyrian king-tier vassal can ask for free city tributary status
- Trade routes now go through Valyria in pre-doom bookmarks
- Added Gogossos as an exception to the Valyrian Archon assigning event
- Added events for the Uncloaking of Braavos and Valyria's reaction to it

- Overhauled the Andal invasions, including new special events and decisions
- Added andal cultural melting pot event
- Some archaic cultures now have maluses to troops stats
- Added Old Ironborn and Northman Andal cultures
- Added events concerning the founding of Lorath by the Boashi priests
- Added a seperate empire of Andalos title
- Added Robeson, the first High Septon
- Added bookmark to Andal Invasion for Iron Isles rebellion against the Greyirons
- Made some updates to Andal Invasion history, inlcuding adding more petty kings and canon andal lords

- Added character dna/title info to every era screen across submods
- Added characters and info to the era screen and interesting character selections for submods
- Jhattar Zhea and the Scarlett Emperors she fights active during the Andal Invasion
- Jhattar Gharak Squint Eye active during Rhoynish Wars
- Added the Westerlands and Iron Isle's war to the Valyrian Freehold submod
- Added some more canon wars to the submods
- Fixed issue with Plankytown that was making the Martells unplayable in Rhoynish Wars
- Fixed some provinces in the Vale worhsiping the Seven before they should
- Faith authority laws no longer present before establishment of High Septon

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- Can now use embargo Cb against realms who have a trade post on a route where you also have one
- Can now use dejure kingdom CB against titular kingdoms whose capital is in your empire
- Added a casus belli to usurp a patrician's family palace and patrician status
- Made sure all dragon notifications have option to disable
- Slaves can now sometimes be captured after sieges
- Rescuing a slave from captivity now grants piety if an anti-slaver religion. May also give liberator trait.
- Boashi priests also become eunuchs
- Added a game rule which enables religious conversion demands
- Lord Commander and Hand of the king can now recommend people for the kingsguard (player does this via decision)
- If a ruler converts to a culture within their culture group their same culture courtiers will now also convert
- Can banish foreign prisoners to the Night's Watch if not at war and lower rank
- Adapted foreign trainer events to Pre-doom bookmarks
- Only old first men in the north get the swing sword event. Women may now also sometimes get the event
- Added a method to view images of reforgable valyrian swords

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
- Fixed Beleana Belareys not being connected to the rest of the dynasty
- Fixed Aubrey Crakehall not being connected to the rest of the dynasty
- Fixed Garth Greybeard's daughters not being married to lords Peake and Manderly
- Fixed issues with dragon character history
- Fixed parse issue with Ironborn history file
- Fixed some preDoom Blackwoods not following old gods
- Fixed some incorrect dates with ancient Yronwood kings
- Added a dynastic feud between Manderlys and Peakes while they are both in the Reach
- Fixed some ancient characters not being properly connected to their dynasties
- Fixed all instances of anachronistoic Kingsguard
- Fixed Greyjoy and Volmark history in Century of Blood
- Fixed King Beyond the Wall history in submods
- Added House Varezys to pre-doom bookmarks
- Misc database fixes, including some workarounds for broken 'employer=' command
- Reworked Nightswatch history so all canon commanders are at the right time and it is selectable in every start date
- Fixed Gallowsgrey not being sworn to d_tarth in the submods
- Fixed broken House Hightower history in Valyrian Freehold
- Fixed Gogossoss history in Century of Blood
- Fixed House Hoare not being alive before Harras Stumphand
- Fixed House Ramboton being the wrong culture
- Fixed the Shrike not having the Drowned trait
- Fixed Targ Dragons in Century of Blood not being on dragonstone
- Added history for the Citadel and High Septon for every start date they should be active
- Fixed issue that was causing the Ibben God King to start game as an oligarchy
- Added some artifacts to Corlys Velaryon
- Asha and Theon can no longer ask for trials
- Corrected date when Willem Wylde joins the kingsguard

- Occupation warscore is capped to 75% in special Iron Throne claim cb against attacker (you cant now instantly win war against Aegon VI by sieging his only province)
- Made Rhoynar more likely to seek independence
- Landless adventurer king claimants can no longer legitimise themselves
- Vassal titular kingdom titles are now destroyed if the emperor liege does not grant a royal privilege
- Valyrian archons can no longer ask for kingdom titles
- War for the Dawn no longer allows white peace
- Kingdoms no longer cost 40000 prestige to destroy
- If when a bastard is legitimised they retain a matrilineal marriage, their children will no longer change to their dynasty

- AI will now not use slave raids if Emperor tier with multiple king vassals
- Added AI marriage maintenance for valyrians making them more likely to go for silver haired brides

Graphics and portraits:
- Kingsguard no longer permanently wear helmets
- Special westerosi armor/helms are now more widely used
- Military command characters no longer permanently wear helms
- Disfigured characters are no longer always noseless. Some are just scarred, some use the masks

- Added LancelotLoire's fixes to the pre-Doom map positions file
- Revised trade routes, including adding a Rhoyne trade route
- Added a city barony to Hardhome before year 7700
- Updated the setup for Harrenhal and The Twins in the Andal invasion
- Removed the strait between The Sisters and the mainland

- Nomads can no longer use Business or Scholarship focus (most events made no sense for them)
- Added a special 'outlaw' government for the Brotherhood Without Banners, so that they can raid again
- If the kingsguard somehow exists when iron throne is not active, it should now be disbanded
- Added dyansties for some pre-doom cultures
- Made some adjustments to traditional dynastic claims to take into account pre-doom bookmarks

Internal Scripting:
- Added an effect in title history for titular kingdoms with unique titles on startup
- Added a make_province_ruin_effect scripted effect
- Game setup events should now always trigger (moved from c_the_citadel to e_rebels)

- Made many validator fixes
- Added missing localisation for "Bronze King" title
- Fixed Century of Blood dragon portrait bug
- Fixed Nymeria appearing as a man on the era screen
- Fixed Rhoynish Wars kingsguard bug
- Fixed New Gift being given to NW during submod
- Added some missing localisation for the pre-doom submods
- Fixed some issues with preDoom stepstones title history that was causing problems
- Brindlemen should no longer randomly appear
- Added missing valemangfx entry
- Fixed holding base value improvements costing nothing
- Fixed wedding decision
- Fixed Orys-Argella event
- Fixed Aegon being able to forge another crown in the conquest. He will now also take crowns off vanquished kings
- Fixed house customiser cadet events
- Fixed lost Arya & Sansa not being findable
- Fixed Dany Xaro tangent not being available
- Fixed dynamic iron throne crowns not having correct names
- Fixed mega war wierdness with Robb's wars
- Fixed dornish spear and other special weapon forging
- Fixed artifact renaming, can now only be used by duke tier or higher
- Removed view artifact history option (too buggy)
- Fixed dragon egg trait not being converted to an artifact when selected in the ruler designer
- Fixed barony ruins being vassalised by vanilla fix maintenance
- Fixed Wayfarer's Rest not returning to Riverlands after Durrandon/Teague war
- Fixed up Aurion's events
- Fixed brindlemen out-breeding prohibiton
- Babies and infants can no longer help or be taught by weaponsmiths
- Fixed Sansa/harry the Heir events
- Fixed Crownlands being present in Andal Invasion
- Fixed wrongly getting suspected kinslayer trait when burning down a castle with a dragon
- Fixed odd flavour events that sometime appeared when learning from a wisdom in the alchemists guild
- Adjusted anachronistic war ambition events pre-doom
- Fixed being informed about irrelevent landless adventurers/revolters (apparently they count as being at war with everyone in the world :/ )
- Valyrian steel quest tangent going to a doomed valyria can no longer happen in pre-doom bookmarks
- Fixed some ruins causing CTDs in pre-doom bookmarks
- Added a workaround for vanilla bug causing split vassals in mega wars to dislike you for being fired from the council
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Чексумма: OSMA
Совместим с: CK2


- Updated mod for patch

Official sub-mods

Extra bookmarks
A collection of submods containing the following extra bookmarks:

Andal Invasion
- The Scouring of Lorath, 6478
- Battle of Sevenstars, 6538
- Light of The Seven, 6699

Rhoynish Wars
- The Turtle War, 7100
- Thousand Ships, 7297
- Nymeria, 7300

Valyrian Freehold
- The Founding of Dragonstone, 7600
- The Uncloaking, 7700
- Before the Doom, 7800

Century of Blood
- Century of Blood, 7886
- Harwyn Hardhand, 7932
- Fall of Sarnor, 7974


Westeros Only
With the addition of Essos the demands on the system have increased markedly. This sub mod removes all characters and titles in Essos, leaving only Westeros playable as it was before Essos was added, which boosts performance quite a lot. Most events and systems, e.g. slavery, are still in though.

This doesn't actually remove the new Essos map, as it was easier to do it this way, but this doesn't impact on performance.

Not compatible with extra bookmark submods


Old Style Frames
Replaces the character frames with the old style of frames originally used in CK2


Version 1.7.1
- Updated mod for

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- If all Targaryens somehow die in Robert's Rebellion the war now ends
- Euron Greyjoy Event Chain - If you play Balon Greyjoy in ACOK Scenario, you have chance that your long forgotten brother will sail back home. He may help you... or not.

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
- Added DNA for Red Ronnet
- Edmure is now imprisoned after Red Wedding
- Jaime is now under house arrest in ACOK until failed plot to rescue him
- Added Vylarr. Captain of Cersei's Red Cloaks
- Actually fixed Tyrion's nose
- Added Humfrey Waters, commander of Dragon's Gate during ASOIAF Timeline and commander of Gold Cloaks after Cersei imprisonment
- Houses Roote and Vance of Atranta are now fighting for Lannisters in Siege of Riverrun
- Houses Ryger, Mooton and Paege are neutral in AFFC as they surrendered to Lannisters after Red Wedding
- House Wode is now sworn to Harrenhal after Butterwells were striped of power
- Patrek Mallister is now Frey prisoner after Red Wedding
- Corrected future date of Harwood Fell's death

- Added a cooldown on white walker invasions
- Reduced tax income from winery


Graphics and portraits:

- Wineries are now possible to be built in Butterwell, Riverspring, Pentos, Andalos, Lys, Volantis, Volon Therys, Valysar, Selhorys, Myr, Qarth, Naath, Southern Yi-Ti and Tall Trees Town
- Leng isle have now gold mines

- Winter is now affecting movement speed of your troops
- Dany can no longer try to storm Kings Landing after a Robb victory if she is in the middle of her eastern quest

Internal Scripting:

- Fixed problem with resolving a successful war for the dawn
- Fixed issue with Ice reforging, and missing description texts
- Fixed non-working moon tea
- Fixed commands to end wars to indirect vassals not working
- The children of consorts are now assigned the correct traits if the father dies before birth
- Fixed holy man hire option
- Tweaked new duel engine calculations. Very high or very low duel skills should no longer break the system.
- Fixed icons not appearing on sword quest tumbler options
- Fixed wonky game rule window

Version 1.7
- Kingdoms with low crown authority can now be shattered by Andal invasions
- Added a cooldown after defeating Andal invasion where you cant be invaded again for 10 years (unless losing heavily in a war)
- Houses Velaryon, Qoherys and Celtigar are now present in Targaryen court Pre-doom
- Added Mormonts to Pre-Doom scenarios. Also more likely to be given Bear Island via landless house refuge event.
- Swords in Valyria now all have random names
- Fixed Rhoynar Dornish invasion game over
- The Targaryens now have Blackfyre/Dark Sister pre-doom
- Added a Valyrian Architecture building for pre-doom Freehold
- Fixed newly created valyrian free cities being revassalised shortly after
- Removed valyrian quest from pre-doom scenarios
- Fixed issue with House Justman existing before it should in Andal Invasion
- Valyrian Freehold can now use the expand realm ambition
- Added a Fall of the Greyirons bookmark in Andal Invasion, with special setup event for the war
- Ironborn (that is the new culture) can no longer expel Andal settlers
- Added a 'Subdue Andals' decision, which ends the Andal invasions when certain conditions are met
- Added a decision to expand Riverun in Andal Invasion submod
- The Andals may now attack the rest of Eastern Westeros if they stall in The Vale
- Any Andal adventurer that conquers Tarth may now take on the Tarth dynasty and arms
- Expanded the Massey realm in the Andal Invasion
- Fixed Ibben base value buildings in pre-Doom bookmarks
- Removed Fall of Sarnor bookmark from Century of Blood (too many history issues)
- Tommen Lannister and his Valyria adventure are now available in the Hardhand bookmark
- Added quick trait to Qorwhyn Hardhand
- Fixed dothraki setup in Pre-Doom bookmarks
- Made Valyria capital province more powerful
- Made some fixes to Pre-Doom game selection boomarks
- Fixed missing base value buildings in Mysha Faer and Aquos Dhaen

- Revamped map of Beyond the Wall, including the addition of 6 new provinces
- Added Nightrunners and Ice River clans to Beyond the wall
- Base value buildings can now be built beyond the wall if controlled by a non-wildling or thenn
- Adapted tribal buildings for beyond the wall
- The wildling invasion Cb now subjagates wildlings of lower tier
- Any ruler can now create The Beyond the Wall title
- Wildling horde is now slightly smaller and suffers some attrition. It is now also disbanded if the king beyond the wall loses his title.
- Female wildlings may now sometimes have access to 'steal husband' decision
- Night's Watch deserter realms beyond the wall can now only be inherited by characters with the wildling trait
- Deserters beyond the wall can no longer call the world to their aid against the white walkers
- Wildling cultures now allow looting. Skagosi are now also 'seafarers'

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- Added a 'vanilla' option to educations costs game rule, which completely disables all mod education systems
- Most organised religions can now send children to serve at temples
- Relatives may now sometimes refuse marriages/betrothals
- Ned may now reveal R+L to J
- Removed the offer vassalisation diplomatic action. The Negotiate Annexation can now be used on non-allied de jure rulers instead.
- Added more events for dynastic feuds. Characters in feuds are now also more likely to plot against eachother.
- When a landless characters rejects a marriage, you can now either offer to change it to non-matrilineal, or sometimes force through the marriage
- Added a game rule that disables the slavery system
- Added some more variety of feast petitions
- Rulers can now declare loyalty to a particular house when siding with them in a mega war. Added historical dynasty loyalties, including Blackfyre-targ loyalists. Loyalists are more likely to be in supportive factions and join sides in a mega war.
- Scholars and dragon riders with eggs can now obtain dragon intel
- Falconer and poet traits can now appear for Way of Life users
- Council appointments can no longer be voted on by the council (caused issues with unforeseen tyranny)
- If the council has the power to vote on title grants, they can now call a vote of no confidence on fellow councillors
- Creating a new kingdom in shattered realms now establishes a new dejure kingdom
- Female rulers can now appoint handmaidens
- Prisoners may now offer to Take the Black to escape prison
- Aerys can now burn them all
- When using moon tea the pregnancy is now immediately terminated, instead of going to a stillbirth when born
- Integrated spy focus bastard reveal into mod plot events
- Changed the way Ice is destroyed/reforged
- Lords known to take their side after Renly's death can now also decide to stay neutral and lord Lorent Caswell AI is encouraged to do so

- Artifacts no longer disappear randomly on death. Instead added events where they can be stolen or lost in a siege, with a chance of recovering them
- Added various dragonbone artifacts
- Added a dragon skull artifact
- Added valyrian steel daggers and arakhs
- Flayed skins can now be kept as artifacts
- Added a shade of the evening artifact which can turn your lips blue. Added it to Euron
- Rulers who abdicate now also pass on artifacts
- Expanded the dynamics sword name system (now over 25000 possible names). Player can now get these names via the manage artifact menu
- The Dawn artifact is now always present, but only the sword of the morning can use it. It can now also be stolen.
- Iron Throne crown forging event can now also trigger for Emperors of New Valyria

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
Sons of the Dragon updates by Paxter Redwyne:
-Aethon Velaryon name corrected to Aethan
-Gallen Corbray name corrected to Gawen
-High Septon(Aenys I) is changed to maternal uncle of Ceryse Hightower. His birth and death date is also corrected
-Added some historical High Septons
-Rhalla Targaryen name corrected to Rhaella, also she now becomes septa later in life
-Robar Baratheon marriage date corrected
-Made Maegor reign 6 years and 66 days
-Added Owen Bush, Davos Darklyn and Maladon Moore as new members of kingsguard during Maegor reign
-Removed one member of kingsguard from house Darklyn in later date so their number remains the same
-Added knights who participated in Maegor's trial of seven
-Corrected Osmund Strong date of death
-Second Faith Militant uprising war removed - after death of first High Septon, next did not opposed Maegor
-Added family of Alys Harroway
-Joffrey Dogget is now new captain of Warrior's Sons after death of Damon the Devout
-Added Poxy Jeyne Poore, Septon Moon, Ragged Silas and Dennis the Lame to the game
-Horys Hill is now leader of Poor Fellows in 8043, Wat the Hewer was defeated earlier by Maegor
-Now Prince Aegon of Dragonstone starts with some historical lords supporting him against Maegor
-King Maegor is now supported by some historical lords in 8043
-Added Androw Farman, second son of Lord Farman and lover of princess Rhaena
-Updated information about House Qoherys
-Added Ellyn Caron, lady of Nightsong
-Added trusting and kind traits to Aenys
-Added Alton Butterwell and his widowed sister with seven children
-Lord Harroway's Town is now in possession of Butterwells after extermnation of Harroways
-Rootes now obtain Lord Harroway's Town after Second Blackfyre Rebellion
-Added Dormand Darry
-Updated maesters during Maegor reign
-Added Lady Clarisse Dayne of Starfall
-Rhaena Targaryen is now dragon rider since 8035
-Made son of Jeyne Westerling and sons of Elinor Costayne wards in Casterly Rock, Eyrie and Highgarden respectively
-Changed Tyanna of Pentos traits and family a bit
-Maegor now is in possesion of Blackfyre since 8037.9.9 ( His brother gave him Blackfyre )
-Quicksilver is now female
-Padriac Baratheon name is corrected to Padraic
-Corrected birth dates of Aenys children
-Made Aerea Maegor's heir in 8047
-Made Jeyne Westrling a bit younger
-Added Tytos Lannister, younger son of Lyman Lannister who courted Jeyne Westerling
-Made son of Walton Towers older as he was present during Maegor's last council
-Made Angron and Durran kings of Stormlands ( They were incorrectly listed as only kings of Riverlands )
-Added Brandon the Breaker
-Added two more kings of the stormlands with the name Durran to ensure Durran Half-Blood gets correct number(XXIV instead XXII)
-Used hard space as Grey King's name to repair bug with numeration of Iron Kings
-Gave Loren the Last green eyes
-Fixed error where Lambert Broom were father of his younger siblings Benedict, Borell, Brienne and Bryce
-Gave Bloodraven eyepatch
-Corrected Lord Ilyn Payne death to 7998.6.6

- Added an alliance between the Reach and the Rock in the conquest scenario
- Updated traits/stats/history of Viserys II, Daenora, Duram Bar Emmon, Ardrian Celtigar, various Black Brothers, some Rainbowguards, Robin Ryger, Hoster Tully, the Blackfish, Jason Mallister, Patrek Mallister, Desmond Grell, Karyl Vance, some Freys, Genna Lannister
- Added Harrold & Terrence Celtigar, Kennoth Bracken, Dermot of the Rainwood, Yolanda Royce
- Added some bastards to Euron
- The Northern lords are now angry at Joffrey for executing Ned
- Added Favored by R'hllor trait to Mors Westford and Alester Sarwyck
- Added Lann the Clever as a historical King of the Rock
- Fixed Flint/Hightower family tree
- Added ruthless trait to Jaime
- Hoares are now located on Great Wyk before they move to The Riverlands
- Reinstated Tyrion's mangled nose
- Made many canon characters immune to pruning
- Fixed Tyrosh/Lys dragonlords not having a death date in CoB
- Fixed Tommen Lannister era screen problem in CoB
- Fixed Astapor not existing in Valyrian Freehold sunmod
- Trants are now sworn to Parchments in timeline after Blackwater Battle
- Whiteheads are now sworn to Estermonts in timeline after Blackwater Battle
- Other misc character updates/fixes

- Revised Ironborn Invasion CB, it now only targets coastal duchies. Ironborn now have access to the expand realm ambition to compensate
- Made Khal of Khals decision more difficult to use
- Fixed slaves being mad at their owner for enslaving their bred offspring
- There are now at most 5 attempts on selling a slave before a cooldown comes in
- If an AI, Thenn troops in AFFC are now given to their liege
- Declarations of war now cancel non-aggression pacts and alliances
- Reworked religious revolts so they aren't pitiful most of the time. Strength is now calulcated on the power of all rebellious provinces of that religion. Now also triggers the mega war system in empires.
- Only epidemic diseases now prevent dragon taming, rather than any illness
- Loyal vassals now get upset if you execute/murder their liege
- Swords of the Morning who somehow change dynasty now return Dawn to House Dayne upon their death
- Prosperity Reapers province upgrades now only last 30 years rather than forever
- Incumbent Triarchs will now always make final round of candidates if they fulfill certain criteria
- Vassals split via mega war can now only continue external wars of conquest against higher rank titles whilst the mega war is ongoing
- Befriend liege ambition now succeeds if opinion is 60+
- Most instances of scaled wealth effects now have a minimum and maximum effect
- Can no longer take hostile actions against a prisoner during their trial
- Independent counts can no longer be targetted by claimant adventurers
- Coalition event can no longer call in allies of the aggressor
- Can no longer appoint Kingsguard if Kingsguard is at war with the throne
- Family will no longer ask for spare counties from count tier rulers
- Sacrifice piety gain now scales with the rank of the target

- Congenital infertility is now applied on marriage instead of birth, to stop the AI having magical powers to sense infertility
- Added Ai marriage maintenance to prevent marriages to people who cannot outbreed
- Updated AI Spy On decision logic
- AI is now very unlikely to pay more for a slave than what was recently paid for them
- AI marriage maintenance now also happens on betrothal

Graphics and portraits:
- Special crown artifacts now persist on the portraits of dead characters
- Added Redfort, Coldwater, Penrose, Blanetree, Ryger and Mooton to dynamic CoA system
- Added flags for remaining dothraki provinces (by Beast)

- Swapped Woodmere and Wendwater
- Added a High Lordship for Redfort in the Vale
- Added a high lordship for House Butterwell
- Added a high lordship for House Penrose
- Tarth can now have 7 holdings
- Swapped Willow Wood and Lolliston, also made Willow Wood more powerful
- Added House Lipps as rulers in Crow's Barren
- Added house Shells to a barony in Plankytown
- The south-west Westerlands is now forest terrain
- Increased size of town in Vaith
- Riverspring is now more prosperous in later bookmarks
- Added a special building for Nefer
- Crackclaw Point now has marsh terrain
- Moved the Great Sand Road to dejure Samyriana
- Sar Mell and Sarhoy ruins are now Rhoynar
- The Three Daughters is no longer a dejure realm
- Hollard Hall province is now named Crown Keep after its destruction
- Changed name_tier of Farring Cross to baron, so Gilbert Farring is "Ser" instead of "Lord"
- Changed name_tier of Brindlewood to baron, so Elwood Harte is "Ser" instead of "Lord"

- Added some spanish translations by zaxonemesis
- Revised combat rating scores. The score is now directly used in the duel engine.
- Added a few bookmarks from the More Bookmarks submod (including Blackfyre Rebellions)
- Added the Lost Legion merc company
- Have 5 children ambition now only counts living children
- Tweaked liege decides inheritance event. Dynastic stability is now checked, widows with no heirs have the title under appointment succession.
- In shattered counties mode newly created high lordships may now be renamed after the creator
- Added tooltip prohibiting heritage child focus if a valyrian culture prevents it
- Dothraki khalasars are now dynamically renamed after their owner
- Added maintenance for sub-barony ruins
- Small shipyards can now be built in level 4 or above holdings
- Naathi religion now decreases revolt risk and has opinion boost with other religions
- Naathi can now use true cognatic succession
- Naathi now lose piety for executing people
- Ibbenese now have an increased chance of ugly/dwarf/strong
- Blackfyres will now never switch to Targaryen via dynastic stability, and vice versa. AI will also not switch if in a blood feud with target house
- Randomly generated pirate can no longer be cultures which are not seafarers (e.g. dothraki)
- Tweaked event where Triarch invest in the city
- Added dynamic names for many buildings
- Young Griff and Blackfyre invasions now use landless king tier titles
- Hill clansmen lords no longer have 'The' as their title. Instead they can now obtain special nicknames
- Harpy, Great Shepherd, Dothraki and Jogos Nhai can no longer have male priests
- The Aztec Empire is now known as 'The Sunset Empire'
- If Aegon chooses to conquer New Valyria, he now ahs primogeniture succession

Internal Scripting:
- Added a cultural_congenital_trait_chance_effect scripted effect
- Seperated from vanilla files the mod's .gfx files for decision icons, trait icons and event pictures
- Added a female_get_masculine_event_trigger scripted trigger
- Added a is_unorganised_religion_trigger scripted trigger

- Fixed problem where sometimes rulers would be forced to abidicate when siring a secret bastard which is obviously not theirs
- Fixed thralldom not being able to enslave PoWs
- Fixed CTD caused by wierd dothraki merchant republics
- Fixed royal privilege events triggering for alliance and monastic feudal governments
- Black Brothers can no longer be trial champions for non-black brothers
- Unlanded rulers can no longer be called to arms against the white walkers
- Fixed nomad titles being destroyed by titular title maintenance event
- Men without the proper equipment now usually understand why they have no children yet
- Fixed Great Sand Sea before the Doom
- Fixed not actually getting the enemies sword when defeating them in a duel after looting their location
- Can no longer complain to liege about small children blackmailing you
- Inaccessible kingsguard can no longer get drama event
- Fixed some issues with random generation of children and siblings at game start
- Fixed case of looping warden events
- Ruins can no longer build tradeposts
- Fixed exploit where Triarchs could appoint more than one extra Triarch for Life
- Can no longer visit the chamber of a giant
- Fixed problem with Yi Ti commander adventurers alway targetting the Emperor
- Fixed a CTD caused by nomad event
- Fixed rare repeating grandmaster event bug
- Fixed mega war bug where vassals of foreign empires could be vassalsied when another empire was conquered
- Fixed bug where Young griff would be generated a random wife when controlled by the player
- Fixed selling of slave from camp exploit
- Fixed Sumbyar ruin
- Made some interface file fixes
- Fixed 'The Dorne' problem
- Made some large character/dynasty ID event fixes (thanks to the mystery guest)
- Indepedence wars are now properly resolved if invalidated
- Fixed alchemist healing event
- Fixed issue with "Scarlet Emperor" special title
- Fixed typos in some names for Crannogmen and Ghiscari cultures
- Fixed Jaime's gold hand artifact
- Made some small fixes to funeral events
- Temporarily removed cold winds events with missing event text
- White walkers no longer have dynasty names
- Black brothers, kingsguard and other similar characters no longer get event to help friends at war

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